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Bepop – Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

Bepop is a unique and modern WordPress music theme powered by
WordPress Blocks. It was built for your next musician site, online
stream platform and other music website…

This theme is built with blocks and you can click and add your
own blocks. we provide a loop block which you can add any loop post
on your page.

This theme give site and app layouts, dark and light colors for
your music site.

Site layout with dark style

App layout with light style

  • Block Editor manage pages
  • Ajax load page
  • Continue playing music
  • Play youtube link and show video on player
  • Play shoutcast stream radio
  • Play music
  • Play music
  • Play local and remote stream file
  • Register/login modal
  • Playlist/like/download music
  • Recent played
  • User follow
  • Front-end submission
  • Ajax search
  • Ajax comment
  • RTL

v.1.1.3 – 2 November

  • Add “Filter” on Loop Block plugin to create station filter
  • Add product price on product archive page
  • Add product purchase button on player

v.1.1.2 – 27 October 19

  • Add “Poster” as required field on upload form
  • Add ajax upload stream on upload form
  • Improved search result for station
  • Add wait cursor when page loading
  • Fixed input border, zoomin issues, center play button on

v.1.1.1 – 10 October 19

  • 1. Add order by “user played/user likes” on loop block
  • 2. Add disable ajax option on page
  • 3. Add “Playlist auto public” option on “Settings >
  • 4. Add option to disable non-admin user to see wp-admin
  • 5. Front-end auto post to “single” type
  • 6. Fix ajax search
  • 7. Fix artist output on “More from”

v.1.1.0 – 4 October 19

  • 1. Add download button on mobile
  • 2. Add woocommerce product in search
  • 3. Add message if the stream url or empty music file
  • 4. Fixed the play button on user profile page

v1.0.3—1 October 19

  • 1. Add Woocommerce variable product support
  • 2. Add artist in upload form
  • 3. Add price on upload form if it’s a product type
  • 4. Add user role control to upload function
  • 5. Auto publish playlist
  • 6. Add share module
  • 7. Show station/playlist/likes/followers/following count on
    user profile
  • 8. Player show like/video on mobile, hide random/shuffle
  • 9. Fixed the seek bar on touch screen(IOS), improve the loading
    on mobile
  • 10. Fixed album/playlist max tracks

v1.0.2—10 August 19

  • 1. Bind upload and download to pages to support membership
  • 2. Add tag or category filter in Loop Block front-end url
  • 3. Fixed user can not change email
  • 4. Fixed must double click to play on mobile
  • 5. Fixed load user playlist/album on profile page

v1.0.1—27 July 19

  • 1. Fixed station type not in the loop block type
  • 2. Add new template landing with secondary menu
  • 3. Add Woocommerce support
  • 4. Add frontend submission to Woocommerce product
  • 5. Add option to apply station style to product

Note: Plyr playlist player base on

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Bepop – Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

Download - Bepop – Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

  Download this file @ (bepop-non-stop-music-wordpress-theme-zip)

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