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Bourz: Life, Entertainment & Fashion Blog Theme

About Bourz

After successful sales of , we improved its abilities and
flexibility with a brand new design in order to give birth to

Bourz is a multi-styled blog theme for life, entertainment and
fashion. That means you always have the opportunity to choose from
different views or options for almost every design material in your

You can also use Bourz for magazine, news, editorial, blog,
blogging, journal, newspaper, fashion magazine, sport news,
business news and technology news websites.

While using Bourz, you’ll feel like you’re able to
do everything. Please have a look at the to see how detailed the
Bourz is.

Customer Reviews

Top Features

  • Mobile Friendly& Responsive Design
  • Bourz Slider:A sleek slider that can be used with
    3 different styles, lots of extra options and in 3 different
    positions: Fullwidth, Cover and Among the Posts.
  • 5 Different Layout Options:1 Column, 1 Column +
    Sidebar, 2 Columns, 2 Columns + Sidebar and 3 Columns. Fullwidth
    versions of them are also available.
  • Unlimited Header Viewswith settings like paddings,
    logo size, sticky header trigger time etc.
  • Leaderboard Banner Management System:Excluding the
    widgetized areas, you can place up to 6 different banners into 15
    different positions. It’s as flexible as a visual
  • Combinable Listing Styles:You can use and combine
    different styles for indexed views or widgets!
  • Separated Sidebars:You can use different sidebars
    for Home, Archive Pages, Pages and Post Pages.
  • Post Format Based Sidebar:Hide the sidebar on
    gallery postsfor example.
  • Fixed Sidebar(Q2W3 Fixed Widget Support)
  • 8 Widget Areas:Sidebar, Sidebar-Archive,
    Sidebar-Page, Sidebar-Post, Header Widgets, Upper Widgets, Home
    Widgets and Footer Widgets.
  • 13 Custom Widgets:

    1. Image Widget:

      Go ahead and place a nice image with a title and text. You
      can link it to anywhere too.
    2. Post Widget:

      Maybe you want some special attention for one of your posts.
      Use this!
    3. Popular Posts Widget:

      Some posts are crowded ha? This widget will find and display
    4. Recent Posts Widget:

      Display a couple or two of your latest posts.
    5. Selected Posts Widget:

      Display the posts you’ve selected. Very useful for the
      posts you want to put forward.
    6. Category/Tag Posts Widget:

      Display the posts belong to a specific category or tag.
    7. Recent Comments Widget:

      Display the latest comments your visitors have dropped.
    8. Tags/Categories Widget:

      A well styled list of your tags or categories.
    9. Ads Widget:

      A widget for your Ads. Just place your code and you’re
    10. Search Widget:

      You can search for anything on your site. Can you believe
    11. Social Widget:

      Place your social account icons in a sleek list.
    12. Facebook Widget:

      Show your Facebook page’s lovers.
    13. Empty Space Widget:

      Just place an empty space between your widgets if you wish.
      It’s very handy!
  • Font Options:You can use 4 different fonts at the
    same time those chosen from 18 carefully selected Google Fonts.
    What’s more, we’ll be helping you with adding other
    Google Fonts you want to use.
  • Translation via Customizer:Don’t need to get
    drowned in strange language files.
  • Show/Hide/Change Almost Everything
  • Change Almost Every Single Element’s Color
  • Super Light Structure and High Performance on Any Platform
  • Easy Usage
  • No Coding Knowledge Required

Other Features

  • Fullwidth Layout Option
  • Featured Image Settings
  • 5 Post Formats:Standard, Gallery, Video, Aside and
  • Sticky Header
  • Column Options for Widgetized Areas
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Background Image is Available
  • 19 Social Accounts Available including VK
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Mail Chimp for WP Support
  • Instagram Slider Widget Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Google Maps
  • SEO Optimized
  • W3C Validated

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Need Support?

Please don’t hesitate to ask anything. We’re ready
to help you on our comments page! For further assistance, head over
to and submit a ticket.

Release Notes

*** v.1.5 / February 12, 2016 ***
+ New widget area: Header Widgets (Above Slider)
+ Upper and Header widget areas are available on pages too now.
+ Additional Show/Hide options.
+ Minor styling improvements.
*** v.1.4 / February 1, 2016 ***
+ WooCommerce support.
+ Minor improvements.
*** v.1.3 / January 17, 2016 ***
+ New header style: Logo + Leaderboard Banner
+ New banner position: After First Post
+ Fixed Sidebar (Q2W3 Fixed Widget Support)
*** v.1.2 / January 12, 2016 ***
+ Font Switching feature added.
+ New fonts added.
+ Choose Related Posts term: Tag or Category
+ Show Random Posts option added to Bourz Widget: Recent Posts.
+ Minor fixings.
*** v.1.1 / January 2, 2016 ***
+ Show/Hide Upper & Home Widgets option added.
+ Improved Google Fonts embedding.
+ Minor fixings.
*** v.1.0 / December 24, 2015 ***
Initial release.
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Bourz: Life, Entertainment & Fashion Blog Theme

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