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Epic Advertisement WordPress Plugin & Add Ons for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder

Easy and Flexible Ads Manager for Theme and Page Builder

Epic Advertisement is a premium WordPress plugin that gives you
the ability to create and manage ads for your website easily. No
need for programming knowledge.

Developer Friendly

We build Epic Ads Plugin to be developer-friendly. Either you
are Theme or Plugin developer, you can easily ads location.

Advanced Filtering

Epic Ads Plugin build extensive filtering. Either its only show
on Single Post, Single Category, or multiple pages.

Plenty of Page Builder Support

Epic Ads Plugin Support wide range page builder such as
Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder.

Easy & User-Friendly Backend

During the creation of this plugin, we always focused on how
easy this plugin used for our user, it should also be flexible too.
So we make sure, it won’t be hard for our user to proficiently use
this plugin with their site.

Developer Friendly

Integrate your themes or plugin with EPIC – Ads is very easy.
Register your new Advertisement location, and call it on your
frontend location.

Advertisement Plugin Features

Pack with awesome features, well-coded and easy-to-use user

4 Ads Type

This plugin supports several ad types. such as Image Ad, Script
Ad, Shortcode Ad, or Google Ad.

7 Default Ads Placement

We provide several ad placements for you to use. It can be on
content, loop or selector.

Custom Ads Size

Choose your ad size base on popular ad size on the market. We
provide 30+ commonly used ad size

Responsive Ad

You can choose the size of ads base on the device screen size.
We provide an option for Desktop, Tab, or Phone.

Unlimited Ads Number

We are not put any limit on how many ads you can create. so
create an unlimited number of ads for your WP site.

Flexible Ads Filtering

We provide very flexible filtering where you want to show ads.
You can put your ads on content, loop, even selector

Custom Post Type Support

Don’t worry if you have custom post type on your system. We got
you covered. CPT is supported by this plugin.

Custom Taxonomy Support

Not only Custom Post Type that we supported. We also support
Custom taxonomy.

Elementor Support

We provide support for elementor page builder on this plugin.
Epic Ads work as extension for Elementor.

WPBakery Support

We also support WPBakery Page builder. Epic ads work as
extension for WPBakery page builder.

Shortcode Support

You can also add Epic Ads on your content. Generate shortcode,
put it on content, and you ready to go.

Widget Support

We also make Epic Ads also work on the widget. So if your themes
work with Widget, we got you covered.

Translation Ready

This plugin is translation ready. We provided translation files:
’.po’ and ’.mo’ for you for easy translation with translation

Support & Documentation

We provide support for each of the buyers of this plugin. You
are also able to access the plugin documentation on our support


== 1.0.0 ==
- First Release

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Epic Advertisement WordPress Plugin & Add Ons for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder

Download - Epic Advertisement WordPress Plugin & Add Ons for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder

  Download this file @ (epic-advertisement-wordpress-plugin-add-ons-for-elementor-wpbakery-page-builder-zip)

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