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GoMobileUX Multipurpose HTML Template

Go Mobile UX Multipurpose template, GoMobileUX is HTML, CSS and
js templates. We have covered major HTML elements. Also customized
widget elements with this. We’ll also expand it and always HTML 5
and major use of CSS3 we targeted. We also think of for future
products and releases.

The framework we have used is bootstrap 4.3.1 version. So its
uses flex-box properties and gives much smooth responsive
utilities. The framework itself comes with responsive adjust into
major devices small to large. Bootstrap templates designs also have
wide range of templates.

As the latest technology and framework targeted it comes with
Major all latest versions of browser Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE
10+, Edge and opera. We also consider devices layout will be
responsive which gives new touch.

Unique Design

Easy to
customize and update

GoMobileUX comes with a lot of unique
design, elements with 50+ pages and different demos.

Menu &

Provide more

Template comes with 3 kinds of menu Left side menu,
Footer Menu and Right side filter area. Which gives more space to
manage primary and secondary content. Go Mobile UX Multipurpose

Quick Share

Modal box
with share options

We have placed share modal box for quick
sharing. Also accessible as user’s thumb near to screen at bottom
part in mobile devices. Also added recently connected people so
user can easily share with near one.

Images: Dummy/Demo photo images used from You can
check licenses with respective website and use it.

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GoMobileUX Multipurpose HTML Template

Download - GoMobileUX Multipurpose HTML Template

  Download this file @ (gomobileux-multipurpose-html-template-zip)

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