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Gotrips | WordPress Travel Booking Theme

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[Special add-ons]:

  1. Social Login: Support Facebook & Google
  2. Affiliate: Integrate affiliate
  3. Gotrips Inventory: Access the hotel and manage all its rooms:
    Hotel room manager, booking manager, availability,…
  4. Gotrips Your Destination: Create your own destinations without
    using google location. Database is optimized for search, management
    system is easy, smart. Support for services: Hotel, tour,

Please send your tickets at
.Our support team will help you.

Gotripsis a WordPress theme supporting online
hotel booking, vehicle rental according to the itinerary, tour
booking. For a variety of payment gateways such as popular Bank
Transfer, Paypal Express, Stripe, 2Checkout, Payu in many countries
around the world. Our theme is well compatible with WPML plugin,
just manage the price data, properties, … on a primary language
and all will be synchronized fast! Theme builds an beautiful
interface for user / service management partners, flexible orders,
quick operation. Interface designed based on Materialize framework
css will provide you with a simple, efficient, and mobile-friendly
experience. The system of Theme Options, shortcode, helper classes,
action/filter hook will help administrators and developers to
customize easily. The theme will also constantly update plugins
system coming with helping theme to get more features to support
higher and more specific requirements

On the
demo are included add-ons:

Theme Features

  • Hotel booking
  • Vehicle rental
  • Tour Booking
  • Accommodation Rental (Add-on)
  • Payment gateways: Bank transfer, Paypal Express, 2Checkout,
    Stripe, …
  • Search by Google API
  • Partner manager, services manager, booking manager, statistics,
  • 5 Homepages + 2 Header Styles
  • Font Awesome icon, Materialize icon
  • Compatible with WPML plugin
  • KingComposer Page Builder
  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder plugin

Changelog version

  • [Update] Revolution Slider 6.2.12
  • [Fix] Revolution Slider not working

Changelog version

  • [Update] Revolution Slider 6.2.8
  • [Fix] Partner Dashboard Url does not work on some hosting

Changelog version

  • [Update] Integrate Mapbox api
  • [Update] Revolution Slider
  • [Fix bug] Calendar picker does not work
  • [Fix bug] The booking management page is broken when service is
  • [Fix bug] Font-family does not work

Changelog version

  • [Update] Revolution Slider
  • [Update Core] Compatible with the latest WordPress Version

Changelog version

  • [New Option] Can turn ON/OFF to send confirmation email
  • [Update Core] Update payment system core (Paypal, Stripe)

Changelog version

  • [New] Booking Cancellation
  • [Update] Revolution Slider
  • [Update] Tour price by package. Customers can cancel their
    booking and admin/partner will receive confirmation email and
  • [[Update Addon] Your Destination
  • [Fix] Sticky header with the transparent style

Changelog version

  • [Update] KingComposer
  • [Update] DatePicker do not show the previous button
  • [Update Addon] PayUBiz payment gateway
  • [Update Addon] Optimize

Changelog version

  • [Update] Compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • [Update] King Composer
  • [Update] Revolution Slider
  • [Update] ON/OFF Partner Registration
  • [New Addon] Social Login (Facebook & Google)
  • [New Addon] Ipay88 payment gateway
  • [New Addon] Google Calendar Synchronization (Support for

Changelog version

  • [Bug fix] Can not save image in the theme options
  • [Bug fix] Can not disable services

Changelog version

  • [Update] GDPR – Privacy policy page
  • [Update] Options layout
  • [Update] Right-to-left layout
  • [New Feature] Integrate Affiliate

Changelog version

  • [Bug fix] Can not submit a review
  • [Update] Can set required for search fields
  • [Update addon] Can set the deposit range – Gotrips Deposit

version 1.1.1

  • [Bug fix] Enqueue scripts
  • [Bug fix] Availability
  • [Update] KingComposer page builder

Changelog version

  • [Bug fix] compatible with Yoast SEO
  • [Bug fix] Validation html
  • [Bug fix] Date format
  • [Bug fix] Can not change the post status
  • [Update] System optimization
  • [Update] Arabic version
  • [Update] Sort the list of hotel rooms by price
  • [Update] Revolution slider
  • [Update] Delete the bookings from Partner Dashboard
  • [Update] Hotel policies to the reservation email
  • [Update] Partners can search for their services by name in the
    service manager
  • [Update] Search by hotel amenities
  • [Update] Opening price and price by distance for cars

version 1.0.8

  • [Bug fix] Remove cart
  • [Bug fix] WPML translation in the partner dashboard
  • [Bug fix] Filter by price
  • [Bug fix] Typo in booking email
  • [Bug fix] New booking email subject
  • [Bug fix] Do not display all taxonomies on Partner Editor
  • [Featured] Administrator can ON/OFF services which are not
  • [Update] Optimize meta data when translating
  • [Update] Change Temperature Unit
  • [Update] TwoCheckout payment
  • [Update] Flag language icons on mobile
  • [Update] Add client name column to booking list
  • [Update] Can change Temperature Unit

version 1.0.7

  • [Bug fix] Do not send customer information to partner when the
    booking is not completed
  • [Bug fix] Send email to admin & partner & customer when
    the booking have been changed status
  • [Bug fix] Count post status in partner dashboard
  • Add ON-OFF ‘Get contact information from owner profiles’
  • Add booking-ID in email subject
  • [Featured] Partner can translate their services on
  • [Add-on] Extra price for accommodation
  • New map style with map toggle button
  • Popup login / register
  • Update Hotel Gallery
  • Add hotel Policy
  • Add ‘Show all ’ button in notification box
  • Add ‘_blank’ to the link


  • [Bug fix] Partner can not upload images
  • [Bug fix] Can not make reservation from ‘Availability form’ on
    hotel page
  • [Bug fix] Space above the header on the mobile
  • [Bug fix] Color error of the menu in mobile layout
  • [Bug fix] Change signature at partner registration email
  • [Bug fix] Partner can not view all partner services at
  • [Update] Add American Express is an accepted payment card
  • [Update] Add custom card accepted option
  • [Update] Error 404 can be edited as a page or at least
  • [Update] Hide payment method options with partner role
  • [Update] Reviews after booking successfully
  • [Update] Update main color


  • [Bug fix] Partner can not edit their services (permission
  • [Bug fix] Login / registration menu item on mobile
  • [Bug fix] Do not automatically fill out the form at the hotel’s
    availability (list style)
  • [Update] New style for password-lost form
  • [Update] Option ON/OFF to send owner’s information in booking

version 1.0.6

  • [Featured] Haft-map style
  • [Featured] Partner Layout
  • [Featured] Text On Slider layout
  • Change topbar/header style
  • Change room link:
  • Pagination for ‘List Of Service’ element
  • ‘Price range’ search field for vehicle
  • Request Booking Form can send to partner
  • Add adult & children fields for the hotel
  • Add the payment icon to the booking email
  • ‘Sticky header’ option for each page
  • Notifications manager for partner
  • Check cart notify by ajax (compatible with the plugin
  • Card accepted section for hotel/accommodation
  • Show user’s information in partner dashboard (name, email,
    role, phone, address, …)
  • Show coupon name in the booking
  • Room footage option for room
  • Automatically fill in form availability form in single hotel
    from the search page
  • Update statistics manager
  • Hide Admin Bar option
  • [Remove] ‘filter’ search field element (name, price, …). Tt
    is integrated into ‘Search Results’ element
  • [Fix] Paypal can not completed the booking
  • [Fix] Can not change list/grid layout

In version 1.0.5, we have upgraded the
notification system with many features, that it supports the
interaction between managers, partners and customers.

  1. Shows the number of customers who are online
  2. Shows total order in this service
  3. Notify managers when new bookings are made
  4. Show notification to customer when manager changes booking
  5. Show notification to customer, partner when administrator
    delete booking
  6. Show notification to administrator when service needs to be

version 1.0.5

  • Add filter by multi-taxonomy in ‘List of Services’ element
  • Change topbar styles
  • [Fix] Search by taxonomies
  • [Fix] Missing email subject
  • [Fix] Can not translate ‘Ohteam System’ plugin

version 1.0.4

  • Send email for customer when manager changes booking
  • ON/OFF display partner/administrator information
  • Display booking form when has errors of the validation on
  • Upgrade Notification system
  • List of services element shows by ID of the services.
  • Add Add-Ons landing page in Theme Options page.
  • [Fix] datetime format
  • [Fix] Do not show single page of tag
  • [Fix] Can not delete multi-location on meta options.

version 1.0.3

  • NEW FEATURES: Send contact form before request a booking
    (Contact Form 7)
  • ADD ‘Tour Programs’ section in the single tour layout
  • ON/OFF Sticky Header
  • ON/OFF showing site’s description below the logo
  • FIX: Compatible with WPML plugin

version 1.0.2

  • New layout for hotel, room, vehicle ,tour
  • Remove weather text on the ‘Destination’ element
  • Add filter by taxonomies (categories) for hotel, tour
  • [Fix] Paypal currency

version 1.0.1

  • Optimize page load speed
  • Integrated with accommodation rental (Add-on)
  • Guide for car rental information (Add-on)
  • Add new layout for list of hotel, vehicle, tour
  • Change style of the settings page
  • ON/OFF the discount field. The default is OFF
  • Booking without login. The system will automatically create an
    account for the customer.
  • Quick reservation at the hotel details page
  • The administrator approve partner’s upload
  • Can change the slug-name of the service
  • [Fix] Calendar style of the availability
  • [Fix] Add destination of the tour


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Gotrips | WordPress Travel Booking Theme

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