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Loyale – A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

Loyale is a modern, fully responsive, clean and elegant template
for the Joomla! CMS. Created to help you showcase your content in a
minimal and fashionable style. Perfectly suited for the
restaurants, hotels or for the business websites.

Latest update
– 04.12.2018

(Changelog at the bottom of this page)

Key Features:

  • QuickStart installation package (
    Joomla! 3.9.1)
  • Fully responsivelayout (can be turned off with one
    click if needed)
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Built on top of the Bootstrap Framework
  • Bootstrap grid layout (12 columns support – Fluid Layout)
  • Main Body left aligned or centered
  • Flexible width of main body
  • For all K2 lovers – matching styles for K2 component
  • Masonry Layout – displays Joomla articles in multi-column
    layout with optional filtering option
  • Unlimited color accents – you can choose own color scheme
    without touching single line of code (or choose one of the 5
    predefined styles)
  • Fullscreen background image module and slider module
  • 9 standard module positions
  • 10 Flexible module positions – equal, stacked, or custom
    modules width

    By default, modules published in flexible positions are
    displayed in columns, and splitted in rows, up to 4 modules per row

    Additionally template supports “bootstrap size” feature,
    introduced in Joomla 3. You can publish up to 12 modules in row,
    with completly custom widths, to build any layout of modules

  • Support for two sidebars inside main body area (left and
  • Custom size of sidebars
  • 15 different variations for modules to help you change basic
    apperance of modules
  • Support for “Google Web Fonts” + support for additional styles
    of fonts
  • Google Analitycs feature
  • “To top” smooth scroll
  • Social icons
  • Logo uploader
  • Favicon uploader
  • HTML5 W3C Valid
  • Supported by all major browser, IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari,
    Opera …
  • Custom error page
  • Custom offline page
  • PSD for Homepage included
  • Custom modules build for Loyale, ST Slider, Background Image,
    ST Maps
  • Third Party Extensions:
  • AllVideos plugin – you can embed any type of media, self-hosted
    or from third party providers like, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud ….
    and many more …
  • Simple Image Gallery plugin – turn any folder of images located
    inside your Joomla! website into a grid-style image gallery with
    lightbox previews …
  • Sources and


    (commercial license). Please note that the demo site images are
    used only in preview purpose and are not a part of the


    v 1.4.1 - December 4th .2018
    MISC - updated installation QuickStart package - Joomla! 3.9.1 / K2
    v 1.4.0 - AUGUST 14th .2018
    MISC - updated QuickStart package - Joomla! 3.8.11/ K2 2.8.1 DEV
    FIXED - layout display issue with modern routing option enabled in
    com_content - masonry layout MISC - - small CSS changes - added
    basic styling to the custom fileds MISC - changes to the K2
    override templates
    v 1.3.1 - OCTOBER 19th .2017
    MISC - updated QuickStart package - Joomla! 3.8.1/ K2. 2.8.0 MISC -
    small CSS fixes v 1.3.0 - OCTOBER 28th .2016
    FIXED - installation of standalone version of the template results
    with an error on the frontend. MISC - updated QuickStart package -
    Joomla! 3.6.4 / K2 2.7.1 v 1.3.0 - SEPTEMBER 29th .2016
    FIXED - Google Maps address decode functionality in our maps module
    MISC - updated QuickStart package - Joomla! 3.6.2 / K2 2.7.1 v
    1.2.1a - JULY 4th 2016
    FIXED - issue with installation of the template (fix applies to
    standalone version available to install on Joomla 3.x). v 1.2.1 -
    APRIL 7th 2016
    FIXED - problem with rendering web fonts in the latest versions of
    Google Chrome. FIXED - changes related to the latest version of the
    K2 component (version 2.7.X) - added support for the new lightbox
    plugin MISC - installation packages (QuickStart package updated to
    Joomla! 3.5.1) v 1.2.0 - DECEMBER 16th 2015
    MISC - minor CSS fixes related to changes in latest versions of
    Joomla! CMS MISC - updated installation packages (QuickStart
    package updated to Joomla! 3.4.6) v 1.1.1 - JANUARY 14th 2015
    FIXED - overflow issue at mobile view (navigation bar overflows
    content area) v 1.1.0 - DECEMBER 5th 2014
    ADDED - ST Google Map module MISC - Google Analytics tracking code
    MISC - changed style of the mobile menu ADDED - copyrights and
    social icons are now visible below the mobile menu ADDED - two new
    module positions: below-mobile-menu, above-mobile-menu FIXED -
    changes to the bootstrap grid layout, 2 columns layout overflow
    issue on blog/frontapge layouts FIXED - responsive style - tablet
    view - breakpoint changed from 980px to 979px FIXED - modal box,
    preserves aspect ratio of images (mobile devices) FIXED - small CSS
    changes and optimizations ST Slider Module: FIXED - decorative
    frame doesn't scale correctly in Chrome, IE, Opera MISC - optimized
    interface elements at smaller screen resolutions (responsive style)
    ADDED - option to disable default style of the module MISC - small
    changes to the codebase Background Image Module: MISC - small
    changes to the codebase

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Loyale – A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

Download - Loyale – A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

  Download this file @ (loyale-a-modern-and-elegant-joomla-3-template-zip)

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