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Pillar Multipurpose HTML with Page Builder

A stylish multi purpose HTML template for modern startups

Pillar is an expansive, carefully crafted collection of stylish
pages and content blocks. Featuring over 100 styled HTML pages and
over 150 unique content blocks, Pillar empowers you to build
visually beautiful pages powered by semantically beautiful markup.
With extensive styling for portfolios, blogs, shops and landings
– Pillar comfortably suits all common website

Fast, intuitve page building with Variant

What you see is
exactlywhat you get… Build in real-time
using a vast array of meticulously designed blocks in our . Quickly
mock up ideas and experiment with
layouts in real-time, then export straight to HTML
no junk code and no inline style. Save your nav
and footer to assemble your whole site in Variant
– just apply the same nav and footer to each
page. Build one-page sites by easily linking your nav items to
sections on the page!
Smooth parallaxis just one click away
– Enable scroll asisst then switch parallax on
in any section that has an image background for an ultra-smooth
scrolling experience.

Goodbye, Scrolljank! We’ve gone to great
lengths to improve cross-platform user experience, developing an
in-house scrolling plugin that integrates hardware accelerated
parallax. Developed using all available browsers on both Windows
and OSX, we’ve achieved smooth scrolling on
trackpads and mouse wheels that feels natural and unobtrusive.

Multipurpose HTML Features

  • Build multi-page sites and one-page sites
  • 100+ Fully responsive HTML template files
  • 20 Uniquely designed and styled home pages
  • 150+ Blocks in Variant Page Builder
  • Boxed or wide layouts via a single body class
  • Square or Roundbuttons via a single body
  • Choose from our 5 Hand-picked font themes in Variant
    – use any of the
    400+ free Google Fontsin HTML
  • Over 2000 icons to choose from including the premium
    Icons Mindicon kit – worth
  • Multi-column “mega-menu and
    double-level drop-down menus
  • Traditional nav bar and
    ‘offscreen’ nav types
    – all responsive for mobile users
  • Multiple colour schemes included
  • Modals to support forms, iframes or any HTML
  • Auto-load and delay-load modal functions with cookie supported
  • In-house developed, purpose-built, ultra-smooth
    cross-platform smooth parallax and scroll
  • Variant Page Builder included
  • Owl Carousel included – with flexible data
    attribute modifiers
  • Based on Bootstrap, the familiar grid markup you know and
  • Ajax
    Campaign Monitorform integration with
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Fully realised
    shop layoutswith unique sidebar cart
  • Full
    blog layoutswith sidebars
  • Youtube video section backgrounds
  • Google Maps API enabled– just
    provide your address, Pillar does the rest! Maps with retina map
    markers added via simple data attributes
  • Custom Youtube and Vimeo embed modals
  • Custom
    Isotope filterable portfolioSections
  • Lightbox Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Modal Galleries
  • Widgetised menu and footer structure for maximum
  • Dev-friendly – Atomic design means
    developers know what to expect when customising markup
  • Ajax and validation on all contact forms –
    just add your SMTP settings to mail.php
  • covering all elements in-browser
  • Dedicated
  • FREE updates to come! Tell us what you’d
    like to see via Twitter

Some images cannot be supplied in download package, and have been
heavily blurred for licensing reasons. Free and original images
(such as those sourced from ) are included in original form.


v 1.0 -
Initial Release

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Pillar Multipurpose HTML with Page Builder

Download - Pillar Multipurpose HTML with Page Builder

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