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Titania – Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

Titania is a with clean and modern designs, especially with full
of options.

This means it will be one suiting all needs: Blog, Events,
Business, Company website, Personal website and so on. The
appearance of Titania will make your site become more outstanding
and beautiful, even it will be an useful template for your




Version 2.1

   - Fix error with TZ Social and TZ Service module.

Version 2.0

   - Fix error quickstart package of version 1.9 

Version 1.9

    Update Joomla v3.7.2
    Update Plazart Famework 5.5
    Update Hikashop 3.1.1
    Update TZ Portfolio v3.3.5
    Update Revolution Slider 4.7.3b
    Update BT Google Map v2.1.1
    Fix bugs of showing title in Modules: TZ Multipurpose,TZ

Version 1.8

    Update joomla latest version 3.5.1
    Update Plazart Famework 5.0
    Update Hikashop 2.6.2
    Update Jomsocial 4.6.1
    Fix the error of background on mobile.
    Update the style for header in the pages such as home 2, 3.

Version 1.7

    Update Joomla version 3.4.5.
    Update Plazart version 4.6.
    Update Hikashop version 2.6.0.
    Update characteristics (size vs color).
    Fix error megamenu with resolutions: 767x480 and 360x640 (error
from version 1.6).
    Fix error duplicate 2 layouts of module mod_tz_video on a page.
    Fix error can't send comment of blog's article.
    Fix error: don't display comment's recaptcha on blog's article.

Version 1.6

Update Joomla latest version 3.4.3.
Update TZ Portfolio latest version 3.3.2.
Update Plazart latest version 4.4.
Update Hikashop latest version 3.5.
Update js prettyPhoto v3.1.6.
Fixed Option hidden Navigation single article.
Fixed layout flexslider module Tz Multipurpose.
Fixed Error image custom field.

Version 1.5

    1. Update joomla latest version 3.4.1.
    2. Update TZ Portfolio latest version 3.3.1.
    3. Update option fixmenu.
    4. Update option background for page 404.
    5. Fixed error module TZ New Pro.

Version 1.4

   1. Update style for registration form.
    2.Fixed Loading options in Titania template manager.
    3.Fixed problem click to category menu.
    4.Fixed item link in Blog right sidebar page on mobile, table

Version 1.2

1. Add "Titania Options" in template manager to change global color
and Mega Menu style
2. Fixed style for Right to Left layout.

Version 1.1

1. Fixed menu style on Tablet layout.
2. Fixed category display in related article.
3. Update paypal donate button on Charity style.

Version 1.0

Init version

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answer to the problem. It is also fast and easy to check whether
your problem has been solved and how it is fixed. The second
worth-mentioning supporting system is FAQ includes a lot of useful
information to be found.

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Titania – Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

Download - Titania – Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

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